About “Somebody In Boots”

“Somebody In Boots” is a blog by Jim Finnegan (fourth-generation Irish-American, laborer, writer), in which I will explore different ways of thinking about class and work. I am particularly interested in the intersections of class and work with personal stories and public histories.

I will be writing personal observations and reflections, aiming for something between a notebook and working drafts for larger, on-going projects.  Sometimes my writing will be academic in nature, sometimes it will be in the voice of personal memoir or anecdotal fiction.

The name of the blog comes from the title of Nelson Algren’s 1935 novel Somebody In Boots, his first novel and a valuable example of 1930s working-class, anti-fascist modernism.

I hope you will come back to Somebody In Boots to read what interests you and provide any comments/feedback you’d like, and I hope you’ll click the “like” buttons and link to wherever your digital footprints fall out there in the Whole Wide World (a bad Wreckless Eric pun which should sufficiently date me). My first set of posts will be on family history narratives and my paternal great grandparents, Miles and Maggie Finnegan (1860-1923; 1868-1930). Working Title: It’s Not the Story Passed Down as Family Lore, and It’s Not the History That Ancestory.Com Wants You to Tell Either.

“Take it easy. But take it!”[1] 

Jim Finnegan

[1] Radio Show Sign-Off by Studs Terkel.